Battle of the Birds Limited edition Prints

Sam Clark


*Specialty printed on demand, allow 2 weeks for order delivery.

These 1200mm x 757mm Limited edition Giclee prints (50 in edition) depict the tale of two Kawau (shags), one who lived by a river and one who lived by the ocean who got into a dispute about what was better, food from the ocean or from the rivers. Their arguing and actions ultimately drew all of the members of the bird family.

The seabirds from bottom to top: Pied Stilt, Dotterel, Oystercatcher, red billed gull, Gannet, white faced storm petrol, fairy Tern, Antarctic Skua, Black petrol, Caspian Tern, Black backed gull.

The land Birds from bottom to top: Pateke (Brown teal), Toutouwai (North island robin), Kotare (Kingfisher), Kaka, Kokako, Koekoea (Long tailed Cuckoo), Tiwakawaka (Fantail), Tieke (saddleback), Titipounamu (Rifleman), Tui, Ruru (Morepork). 

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